Meet the modern resume... this is why it's time to retire your outdated one.

Meet the modern resume... this is why it's time to retire your outdated one.

Remember back in the day when resumes were one-page, black and white documents that you stuck in a pocket folder and personally handed to a prospective employer? Well, those days are long gone and if you want to have a fighting chance in today’s job market, you’ve got to make sure your resume stands out.

A modern resume not only looks much different from those of the past, it also reads differently. Most companies use electronic scanning systems, or applicant tracking systems (ATS), to help them weed out the best resumes to be reviewed by an actual person.

Let’s dive into what a current resume is and how you can utilize the help of modern resume services to be sure you’re ready to apply when the perfect job comes your way.

The Makings of a Modern Resume

So, what is a modern resume? It’s a blend of contemporary style, optimal keyword placement, and maximum readability for both humans and ATS.

Modern resumes are social, interactive, and jump right out at the reader. It goes without saying that you want your resume to stand out to recruiters or potential employers, but how do you achieve that? We’ll break it down for you here.

A modern resume includes:

1. Integrated Keywords

Just about every company and recruiter today uses keywords or phrases to identify qualified candidates. Failure to use the right ones can cause your resume to be overlooked by the ATS, even if you were the perfect candidate for the job.

Additionally, using the wrong or outdated keywords can also disqualify you. You’ll want to swap out any of your old, outdated lingo for their modern counterparts.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on the job hunt and are unfamiliar with the modern landscape and terminology, hiring a resume writing service is a great next step.

2. Content Written For the Future, Not The Past

Many people make the mistake of treating their resume like a historical document, chronologically documenting their entire past. A modern resume, though, should be viewed as a marketing document.

Your current career goals and objectives should be the driving force behind which parts of your story you want to highlight. The key to a modern resume is to place a heavier emphasis on credentials, experiences, and accomplishments that are relevant to the role you want next, and less emphasis on the parts of your history that aren’t as relevant.

You don’t have to have a perfect work experience or educational background to land your dream job, but you should know what your strengths and goals are, and then focus on highlighting those. 

3. Your WOW Factor

A modern resume showcases what makes you stand out from other applicants and makes prospective employers take notice.

Some people may consider this boasting, but the fact is, if you don’t bring to light what makes you and your talents shine brighter, you’ll get passed up for the person that did.

For example, calling yourself a “Digital Marketing Strategist” is boring and has been done a million times. But when you say you’re an “Award-Winning Digital Marketing Expert,” people think ok, hang on, this candidate is award-winning and an expert in the field? Now we’re onto something.

You can also have a whole category on your resume that’s dedicated to your wow factors. This section could focus on honors, awards, media mentions, and more.

If you’re having trouble coming up with what makes you unique, you can ask yourself these questions to start brainstorming:

  • What have I been publicly recognized for?

  • Which of my achievements have the most impressive stats?

  • When have I been the best or the first at something?

  • What’s the number one thing I achieved in my previous position?

Some people find that talking about what makes them special and unique feels too uncomfortable. In this case, you’re best served hiring a professional modern resume service to help you hone in on your wow factor and communicate it effectively.

4. A Bold, “Hey, Look At Me!” Design

As I mentioned in the beginning of the blog, resumes are no longer boring, black print on solid white computer paper.

Instead, there’s color, shading, charts, tables, boxes, images, icons, and more. These are the factors that will give your resume that slight edge over other applicants.

However, it’s important that the design sticks out while still looking crisp, clean, and easy to read. If your resume is too busy, employers will likely dismiss it.

Also, you should be careful to make sure that your resume design matches industry norms. There’s a big difference between what a lawyer’s resume should look like and that of an artist.

A resume design expert can help you to determine what the best fit is for your market.

It’s Time To Retire That Old, Outdated Resume

Job recruiters and hiring managers are seeing dozens, even hundreds of resumes for every job posting. If you’re using an old, outdated resume format that’s bland and lacking in modern techniques and designs, your resume will end up sitting at the bottom of the pile.

With a modern resume, you could stand out to potential employers and be a breath of fresh air in a sea of monotony.

Not sure if your resume is up to today’s standards? Get in touch for your FREE resume assessment today! I’ll help you determine if your resume is up to date with its content and design so that you can rest assured you’re getting the best shot possible for an interview the next time you apply for a new job.

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