Have you optimized your LinkedIn profile? Here's why it's an absolute MUST!

Have you optimized your LinkedIn profile? Here's why it's an absolute MUST!

If you’re searching for a job or will be in the near future and don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to get with the program. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking and connection platforms out there today.

In today’s job market, having an optimized LinkedIn account is not a choice, it’s a necessity. A study from 2017 revealed that 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for new employees.

Perhaps even more compelling is the statistic that shows that almost 40% of all employers might not even invite you for an interview if they’re unable to find you online. And LinkedIn is the first place they’ll start looking for you.

This article will cover how LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool that can present opportunities to connect with potential future employers and coworkers. Those who are looking to make a job change need to optimize their LinkedIn profile so that they’re seen and heard when a recruiter or potential employer comes along.

Why LinkedIn Optimization Is Important

Recruiters and potential employers love seeing candidates with fully optimized and polished LinkedIn profiles. They provide the perfect supplement to your resume, helping to further boost your credibility and put a face to the name.

LinkedIn can provide a visual alternative to a traditional resume, with features that allow job seekers to add photos or videos of themselves to further showcase their experience, awards, news article mentions, and more. Think of your resume as your foot in the door and your LinkedIn profile as additional proof and validation.

When job seekers have an optimized LinkedIn profile, it enforces the fact that you care about your personal brand… that you take pride in showcasing yourself and your talents because you believe in them.

It also shows that you’re tech-savvy enough to know how to use social media and that you have notable accomplishments that you’re more than happy to share publicly. This allows recruiters and future employers to see that you’re not only accomplished and experienced, but that you’re approachable and would make a good representation of their company.

LinkedIn optimization is all about drawing the right people to you and getting them interested in what you have to offer. A well-optimized profile may even justify their decision to reach out and connect with you or even hire you!

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The most important thing you need in your profile in order to optimize it for job recruiters is keywords. (Sound familiar? If you've read my previous post on the modern resume, you’ll recognize the importance.) To give yourself the best shot at getting noticed on this platform, it’s important to use industry-specific keywords to describe yourself and assert yourself as an expert in the field.

In addition to strengthening your profile and defining your professional brand, industry-specific keywords increase your ability to be found. If you’re not using keywords and key phrases in your profile, you’re just another face amongst the crowd, and you certainly won’t land in front of the right people.

With an optimized LinkedIn profile, you make yourself easy to find and qualify as a potential fit for job opportunities which will put you ahead of the pack.

In addition to using keywords in your profile to increase your chances of being seen, you can utilize the following tips to support your LinkedIn optimization:

  • Keep your profile up-to-date: According to a study on LinkedIn’s blog, members with a profile picture are 14x more likely to receive page views than those who don’t. Additionally, those who post skills on their profile are 13x more likely to get profile views. It’s vital that you maintain your profile and update it regularly with fresh, relevant information.

  • Update your headline: When people do a search, the only thing they see is your photo, name, and headline. It’s imperative that your headline stand out to potential employers by highlighting what you do or what type of position you are looking for.

  • Beef-up your current skills and objectives: For your best shot at finding a job through LinkedIn, be sure you don’t leave anything out about your skills and objectives—cover all your bases. Use your headline to cover your main objective and then add all your skills to your page. And be sure to keep the content fresh by updating it often; you don’t want companies to pass you by because your profile looks as if it hasn’t been updated recently.

  • Highlight any recent work experience: You want your recent experience to be clearly evident to anyone who views your profile. This is especially pertinent when you’re actively engaging with connections and companies that you wish to work with.

LinkedIn Optimization: Final Thoughts

Job searching can be notoriously grueling, but there are many things that you can do to make the process easier and more efficient. The first thing you need is a modern professional resume and then it’s up to you to utilize the tools and strategies available to market yourself.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for getting yourself noticed by potential employers. When you apply for a job with a killer custom resume and the employer takes notice, the next thing they’re likely to do is to search for you online. Make sure when they find your LinkedIn profile, it provides the social proof they’re looking for to put you over the edge and land you the job.

Want to learn more about how having a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile can help you land the job of your dreams? Take a look at my resume and LinkedIn optimization packages!

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