Ditch the cookie cutter template... this is why you need a custom resume design

Ditch the cookie cutter template... this is why you need a custom resume design

It happens all the time; job seekers hit the market with their cookie-cutter resume, designed from a cookie-cutter template, and feel utter disappointment when they don’t get even one response to their dozens of applications.

Many job seekers think that there is a strict format for resumes. They go back to their high school or college days when their English professor helped them create a standard, bland resume. Or, they hit Google to find a generic template that “looks good enough.”

If you fall into this category, listen up because there’s a reason why your cookie-cutter, been-done-a- million-times-before resume isn’t landing at the top of the pile — you need a custom resume design.

I’m about to break down the reasons why it’s time to ditch that cookie-cutter template (that’s not getting you anywhere) and invest in a custom resume design service that will help put you over the top.

Stop Sabotaging Your Opportunities

Unfortunately, there’s no nice way to put it; if you’re sending out a generic resume that blends in with the sea of other resumes, your chances of getting an interview are slim. Even if you’re the most qualified person for the job, your uninspired resume is sabotaging your opportunities.

Think of it this way; strong, successful brands have a value proposition, look, and feel that allows them to stand apart from the pack. Apple computers didn’t become the giant they are because they looked like a PC. Iconic brands stand out, which allows people to experience an emotion and make a connection.

Your resume is your most powerful marketing tool when you’re job hunting. Everything about this document needs to exude you, your personality, and what makes you stand apart from the crowd. This can be very difficult to achieve with a cookie-cutter resume template.

It’s Time To Introduce Your Generic Resume To The Shredder and Use a Custom Resume Service

Your resume design and content should be based on your unique value. It should tell a tale and paint a picture that gives potential employers a reason to take notice.

Resumes don’t look like they used to in the past. Employers are no longer satisfied with just seeing a generic list of your education, work history, and accomplishments; they want to know who you are and what makes you the perfect fit for the position.

Resumes are read differently today, too. If you fail to include keywords in your resume, it won’t even make it past the resume scanning technology that almost every employer uses these days to narrow their search and weed out the duds.

The cookie-cutter templates you can find online, and through popular word processing systems like Microsoft Word, can't give you the wow factor that you need to put you over the edge.

A template, by definition, is a generic document. You don’t consider yourself a generic person, right? So why would you use a generic template to represent yourself?

Professional Custom Resume Writers To The Rescue

If you’ve been using a cookie-cutter resume template and are feeling underwhelmed and disappointed with your lack of success in your job search, don’t despair!

Whether you’re using that template because you don’t know where to begin with modern resume writing, or you find it difficult to talk about yourself and highlight your attributes, professional custom resume writers are here to help.

Resume specialists know the importance of having a strong personal brand and a clear and compelling message of value that lets employers know exactly why you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

Sure, a professional resume design isn’t free, but isn’t it worth your investment if you’re finally able to land the job of your dreams? Isn’t it worth it to invest in a marketing tool that’s engineered to paint you in the best light while wowing potential candidates with your style?

When you seek the expertise of a professional custom resume service, you’re working with someone who understands the ins and outs of the job market, hiring, and how to make your resume jump out at potential employers.

You never want to look like everyone else when you’re applying for a job, the point is to create a “one-of-a-kind” picture of you as a candidate. Resume writers do this by keeping the presentation tasteful while not being afraid to infuse some style into the document to make it unique.

You get the opportunity to get a resume that’s completely customized to your unique personality, skills, and style and that’s exactly what’s going to set you apart from the hundreds of other job applicants who are using nonspecific resume designs that serve to only blend in with the pack.

Interested in seeing what kinds of designs a custom resume service can produce? Visit my resume sample gallery for ideas and inspiration!



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